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Guelph Sexuality Conference

The Guelph Sexuality Conference is recognized as Canada's leading, annual training and education forum for sexual health professionals. It provides opportunities to share information, research, skills, experiences, programming, and strategies that include an anti-oppression framework to fosters health and wellness, and resists shame. For more information view the Sexuality Conference's website. Stay tuned for more information!
Congress 2019 Logo

2019 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

About this year's Congress: With the theme “Circles of Conversation,” Congress 2019 in Vancouver will emphasize the deep, two-way relationships between the university and the communities it serves: local, provincial, national and global. Particular attention will be focused on productive scholarly relations with Indigenous communities.

Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) Annual Conference

The CPA’s Annual National Convention offers access to in-person presentations covering a tremendous breadth of psychological information. CPA Convention Delegates have the opportunity to learn about advances and developments in a broad array of areas such as clinical psychology, cognitive science, social psychology, clinical neuropsychology, psychologists in education, industrial/organizational psychology, developmental psychology, counseling psychology, and criminal justice psychology…and more.

Accessibility Conference

The Accessibility Conference is a yearly event hosted at the University of Guelph to bring together experts to share best practices, knowledge, and research. The conference brings together traditional and non-traditional ways of teaching and learning to talk about the AODA, legislation, and other issues surrounding diversity and inclusion.
Text on the poster: Beyond the Journal: An Introduction to Creative and Non-Traditional Research Outputs

Beyond the Journal: An Introduction to Creative and Non-Traditional Research Outputs

Many academics are expanding beyond journals and books and are using videos, podcasts, comics, games, and more to share their research. Find out why some researchers are doing this, how you can develop your own creative or non-traditional scholarship, and what support the library offers in this area. No registration required. 
Families in Canada Conference, 2019. A satellite location in Guelph, Ontario is being co-hosted by the Live Work Well Research Centre at the University of Guelph

Families in Canada Satellite Regional Conference

#Families in Canada Conference 2019 is a national conference organized by the Vanier Institute of the Family and co-hosted by the Live Work Well Research Centre, University of Guelph.

AIDS Awareness Week 2018: A Night of Red

Join ARCH (HIV/AIDS Resources & Community Health) at 10 Carden, in Guelph, Ontario for the highlight event of AIDS Awareness Week, the Night of Red. Celebrating 30 years of HIV/AIDS activism, healthcare, and advocacy in Guelph, this highly anticipated event seeks to open up wider conversations about HIV and LGBT2QI+ issues, both in our own communities and worldwide.

AIDS Awareness Week 2018: Schedule of Events

The local Guelph, Ontario HIV/AIDS service and support organization, ARCH (HIV/AIDS Resources & Community Health) has a packed week of special events and outreach during AIDS Awareness Week, which runs from November 24th to December 1st, 2018.
Indigenous Women's Leadership Conference Logo

Indigenous Women's Leadership Conference

There is a pressing need to build a network of support for Indigenous women to ensure they thrive and create a smooth pathway for others to follow.  In November 2018, Indigenous women from across Canada will come together to connect and share their personal stories of development. They will gather new insights and resources to step forward with confidence as they face their next leadership challenges, knowing they have the support of a powerful group of women and companies backing them up.

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