AIDS Awareness Week 2018: A Night of Red

Date and Time


10 Carden (42 Carden St.), Guelph, Ontario. 


Join ARCH (HIV/AIDS Resources & Community Health) at 10 Carden, in Guelph, Ontario for the highlight event of AIDS Awareness Week, the Night of Red. Celebrating 30 years of HIV/AIDS activism, healthcare, and advocacy in Guelph, this highly anticipated event seeks to open up wider conversations about HIV and LGBT2QI+ issues, both in our own communities and worldwide. In the interest of expanding people's perspectives, as well as increasing awareness of how colonialism and western influences have impacted the lives of queer and trans folks worldwide, they have invited some incredible speakers to share their ideas, experiences, work, and insight with you. Come and challenge your perspectives, help celebrate the important work done at ARCH, and celebrate their 30th birthday.