Our Work, Vision, and Values

Our Vision:  

Through our research and Centre activities, we connect with and cultivate communities to allow diverse families and kin, lives and livelihoods, and living environments to flourish. 

Our Work: 

Anticipating, learning, and being responsive to the changing needs of diverse families and kin, lives and livelihoods, and living environments through research, teaching, and accessible knowledge sharing, including policy-relevant and community-engaged activities. 

Our Values: 

In addition to the values identified in the 2017 College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS) Strategic Plan, the Centre values:  

  • Recognizing the persistent and unequal effects of colonization on Indigenous peoples and all others 

  • Pursuing reconciliation and decolonization through our work 

  • Engaging in research that centres individual lives and communities  

  • Centering care and acknowledging our care responsibilities and care needs in the work we do  

  • Responding to the care needs and diverse responsibilities of our members and ourselves drawing on feminist, Indigenous, disabled, queer, critical race, intersectional, and community approaches 

  • Situating our disciplinary and interdisciplinary research within these approaches 

  • Modelling and strengthening equitable, respectful, and reciprocal relationships near and far 

  • Advancing opportunities for students and interested communities to grow, share, and collaborate 

  • Supporting the well-being of our members 

  • Reflecting on where we have been and where we want to go together 

  • Celebrating our collective successes


Our Strategic Plan 2023-27