Percolating Systemic Change: Disability Justice with Dr. Deborah Stienstra

Deborah Stienstra, Jen & Roz

On May 12, 2023, Dr. Deborah Stienstra, Director of the Live Work Well Research Centre, was interviewed for an episode in the podcast series by Feminist Shift, a committee supported by YW Kitchener-Waterloo and YWCA Cambridge as well as other feminist groups in the Waterloo Region. The goal of the podcast series is to bring an intersectional feminist analysis to important social, economic, and community issues in the region. In the episode, Deborah speaks about the Canadian Feminist Disability Coalition, and how its projects ensure that the voices of women living with disabilities are kept not only at the centre of the work but in the administration of it. Listen to the Feminist Shift podcast on Spotify.

The Current Disability Rights Landscape in Canada

Deborah Stienstra, Evan Kelly

Dr. Deborah Stienstra, Director of the Live Work Well Research Centre, was featured August 25, 2022, on the Developmental Disabilities Association (DDA) podcast to discuss the current disability rights landscape in Canada and the second edition of her book, About Canada: Disability Rights. The book examines the evolution of disability rights in Canada since 2012, when Dr. Stienstra wrote the first edition. Listen to the Disability Rights podcast, or read a summary of the Disability Rights podcast

Bodies in Translation: Activist Art, Technology and Access to Life

Carla Rice, Eliza Chandler, Chelsea Temple Jones, Rana El Kadi, Kimberlee Collins, and Fady Shanouda

This is a conference-presentation-style podcast in collaboration with the research project, Bodies in Translation: Activist Art, Technology and Access to Life. This episode acts as the conference submission to the 2021 Arts in Society conference in Perth, Australia, by a team of researchers and activists connected with the Live Work Well Centre. In the episode, the team discusses what barriers to the arts and artistry exist both on the ground and online in Canada for people with disabilities and examine creative, pedagogical, and technological interventions aimed at expanding access both structurally and epistemologically. Listen to the captioned Bodies in Translation podcast on You Tube.

ReCentering: Caregiving Relationships

Tiffany Jaglall, Grace Pires, and Kathryn Reinders

Join us in exploring existing policy approaches to caregiving in Ontario.  Our podcast investigates who is made visible and invisible by these policies, and what these in/visibilities mean for the caregiving relationship.  We touch on a wide range of topics including young caregivers, and race and disability in caregiving.  We hope that this podcast gives our listeners the opportunity to reflect on their own positionality within their own caregiving relationships, as well as gain insight into the current caregiving policies in Ontario. This podcast was prepared as part of our requirements for Women, Justice, and Public Policy in Fall 2020. Listen to the ReCentering podcast on YouTube or read the ReCentering transcript.