Research Clusters: What We Do

Changing Needs

Our work is centred around anticipating, learning, and being responsive to the changing needs of diverse families and kin, lives and livelihoods, and living environments through research, teaching, and accessible knowledge sharing, including policy-relevant and community-engaged activities. 

We work in five mutually reinforcing areas:

  • Research Activities
  • Student Engagement and Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Communities of Practice
  • Knowledge Mobilization

Research Clusters

Beginning from the margins, our research is focused on five intersecting research clusters, with each cluster exploring complex themes and the ways they influence work, family and well-being in all their diverse forms. When we look at the research within and across each cluster and beyond, we explore the effects on diverse families and individual well-being, changes in work and livelihoods, factors that shape work and family relationships, needed policy changes and community actions. 

Indigenous baby, wearing traditional moccasins

"All My Relations" Indigenous Ways of Knowing 

Explore relationships between living environments and well-being.

Three girls sitting next to each other with their arms around each other.

Disabilities, Access, and Inclusion

Learn about issues at the intersection of disability and livelihoods.

Community members working together to build a shared food garden

Displacements, Emergence, and Change

Explore how communities respond to social and political challenges.

Multiracial group of young people holding hands in a circle

Reimagining Care

Consider family, livelihoods, and living environments through feminist, anti-oppressive, and other critical perspectives.

Rainbow flag at the Montreal Pride Parade

Sexual and Gender Diversity

Discover how sexual and gender diversity impact livelihoods.












Photo credit for Disabilities, Access and Inclusion Research Cluster: marcokalmann, Creative Commons, some rights reserved.

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