Integrating Care and Livelihoods


Led by Kimberley Wilson, Integrating Care and Livelihoods considers families, livelihoods and living environments. Research includes care-providers focused policies, leave policies and research, and work-life conflicts.  Integrating Care and Livelihoods also considers inequalities in health and mental health and considers the impact an aging population has on policies and systems.

Past and Current Projects:

Staying out of the Closet: LGBT Older Adults’ Hopes and Fears in Considering End-of-Life

Canada is experiencing population aging, and given the heterogeneity of older adults, there is increasing diversity in late life. The purpose of this study was to help fill the research gaps on LGBT aging and end-of-life. Through focus groups, we sought to better understand the lived experience of older LGBT individuals and to examine their concerns associated with end-of-life. Our analysis highlights the idea that identifying as LGBT matters when it comes to aging and end-of-life care. In particular, gender identity and sexual orientation matter when it comes to social connections, in the expectations individuals have for their own care, and in the unique fear related to staying out of the closet and maintaining identity throughout aging and end-of-life. This study underscores the need to consider gender identity and sexual orientation at end-of-life. In particular, recognition of intersectionality and social locations is crucial to facilitating positive aging experiences and end-of-life care.

Young Carers

Several projects examine the experience of young people in caring roles. Work includes policy analyses, examining supports for young carers on university campuses, and research that explores caregiving experiences related to community supports. 

Cluster Leader:

Kim Wilson


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