Building Communities in Times of Pandemic

In these trying times, it is as important as ever to come together to foster new ways to live and work well.

The Live Work Well Research Centre is committed to anticipating and responding to the changing needs of families, livelihoods, and living environments through research, teaching, and knowledge sharing. In the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic, we are launching “Building Communities in Times of Pandemic” section of our website where we amplify the work, research, and partnerships that address the emergent issues that we are facing. We also hope to host a webinar series on these topics in the coming months.

We know that many of you are deeply engaged in areas that can shed light on how diverse communities respond to the current crisis. We believe that sharing this knowledge among our members will allow us to continue building strong community ties and foster hope.

Some of the areas that we hope to amplify include, and are not limited to:

  • Caregiving
  • Family support
  • Well-being and mental health
  • Community building
  • Employment precarity
  • Disability
  • Communication and engagement
  • Social assistance
  • Housing
  • Research practices

If you have resources to share, would like to contribute to “Building Communities in Times of Pandemic”, or are looking for specific resources within the scope of our work, please contact us at!

We are looking forward to learn with you!