LWWRC Event Summaries

The Live Work Well Research Centre is dedicated to sharing knowledges and practices from our five thematic clusters. Webinars are a way to bring experts together to discuss a specific topic, raise questions, and engage with the audience. We promote our webinars on our Events page, in our Newsletter, and on our Twitter page. 

Accessibility is central to the practices of the Live Work Well Research Centre. We commit to providing panelists, moderators, and the audience with the supports that they need to participate fully to the webinars. Please let us know of any accessibility needs that you require in order to join the webinar. All costs will be covered by the Live Work Well Research Centre.

Past Events

Reimagining Livelihoods Forum (August 23-24, 2023)

This two-day hybrid forum focused on sharing, discussing, and engaging with diverse perspectives, experiences, and knowledge about different forms of livelihoods and how they shape the experiences of diverse people in Canada and around the world. 

Imagining a More Just University (November 15, 2022)

In this hybrid event, we explored how to create more just academic spaces that reduce/eliminate barriers to access and ensure equity for everyone in the university community. 

A Community Conversation: Troubling Care (February 4, 2022)

This panel of community members, researchers and artists discussed how they understand and practice care, how to create more caring futures, and how care is troubled.

Dangerous Disruptions: Local Intersections of Poverty and COVID-19 in Guelph-Wellington and Dufferin (March 18, 2021)

This panel discussion focused on the impacts that COVID-19 had on communities experiencing poverty, the fragility of Canada’s social safety net and the policy changes that could help improve quality of life.

From the Margins: Communities Respond to COVID-19 - Poverty and Housing (June 25, 2020)

This event fostered a discussion about the impacts of COVID-19 on poverty and homelessness, how to alleviate relevant challenges and what policy advancements are needed.

More Promise than Practice: GBA+, Intersectionality and Impact Assessment (June 17, 2020)

This event highlighted the key takeaways from the More Promise than Practice report, the effectiveness of the 2019 Impact Assessment Act (Bill C-69), and good practices for impact assessment in Canada.

Families in Canada Conference 2019 (March 27-28, 2019)

The Families in Canada Conference 2019 was a two-day national, pan-Canadian conference organized by the Vanier Institute of the Family and co-hosted by various Universities at satellite locations across Canada. The Live Work Well Research Centre was fortunate to co-host a location at the University of Guelph.