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“All my Relations”, led by Kim Anderson, is the Indigenous ways of knowing cluster. Their work consists of Indigenous mentoring and networking and providing land-based learning and activities. “All my Relations” works to provide space on campus for Indigenous knowledges and practices, with projects that support the development of gardens and ceremonial spaces in the University Arboretum. Current research projects involve questions of food sovereignty, how to develop embodied Indigenous feminist practices through performance art, and work with Indigenous men and masculinities. 

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Grannies of Confederation and Working in Relationship to Indigenous CommunitiesTenille K Campbell is a Dene/Métis author and photographer from English River First Nation in Northern Saskatchewan and recent author of #IndianLovePoems.

Indigenous Experiences of Pregnancy and Birth: Book published by Demeter Press

Current and Future Projects:

Indigenous Mentorship Network Program

IMN-Ontario is a five-year health training program to provide Indigenous scholars and trainees with high quality mentorship, training, and opportunities to engage in Indigenous health and well-being research.The IMN hosts webinars to share knowledge, advice and best practices; networking events; opportunities for research and publications; and funding opportunities for Indigenous students. 

More information can be found at the Indigenous Mentorship Network Program website.

Kika'ige Historical Society

The Kika’ige Historical Society is a professonial performance art troupe, formed by three Indigenous women with PhDs in Canadian history. It started with a performance art protest against the Statues Project at Wilfrid Laurier University when a statue of John A. Macdonald appeared. The protest was to bring attention to the Indigenous perspectives on Sir John A.’s National Policy, and that his government’s suppression of Riel’s resistance had very real consequences for Indigenous peoples. This work was not an isolated event; as a performance art and resistance troupe, the Kika’ige Society aims to de-center settler narratives while privileging Indigenous ways of knowing and understanding history.

More information can be found on the Kika'ige Historical Society website.

Cluster Leader:

Kim Anderson



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