Annual Reports

Annual Report cover

To celebrate accomplishments and recognize the amazing work of our clusters and community partners, the Live Work Well Research Centre produced its first annual report in 2020-21. For copies of the report in an alternate format, please email

Knowledge Sharing and Publications

Research Reports, Toolkits & Infographics

Our research spotlights and fact sheets are brief, plain language summaries of research projects and activities that can be used and distributed widely. They are intended for a variety of audiences: community members, researchers, policy makers, nonprofits and advocacy groups, among others, and are created using our guiding research framework.

When we look at the research within and across our Research Clusters and beyond, we ask:

What We Do

Changing Needs

Our work is centred around anticipating, learning, and being responsive to the changing needs of diverse families and kin, lives and livelihoods, and living environments through research, teaching, and accessible knowledge sharing, including policy-relevant and community-engaged activities. 

We work in five mutually reinforcing areas:

The Centre: Who We Are

Who we are

The Live Work Well Research Centre is committed to nourishing families, livelihoods and living environments. We anticipate and respond to the changing needs of families, work and well-being in all their diverse forms and we do this through research, teaching, knowledge sharing, policy, and community-engaged activities - and have done so for 20 years. 


The Centre for Families Work & Well-being is an innovative, interdisciplinary research and educational centre responding to dramatic changes in family patterns, paid work, and broader economic and political structures.

Faculty, staff and graduate students work on projects relevant to individual and family well-being, the interface between work and family, and contextual factors that affect workplace productivity and community supports. Research topics include organizational health, caregiving and work, father involvement, social support and community development.