The Centre: Who We Are

Who we are

The Live Work Well Research Centre is committed to nourishing families, livelihoods and living environments. We anticipate and respond to the changing needs of families, work and well-being in all their diverse forms and we do this through research, teaching, knowledge sharing, policy, and community-engaged activities - and have done so for 20 years. 

Our founding mission was to direct research and promote family and individual well-being, responsive workplaces, and sustainable communities. Our renewed mission embraces and continues this tradition of research impact and innovation, while also cultivating and connecting with communities where all families, livelihoods and living environments flourish. 

We engage in work through research, communities of practice, knowledge mobilization, student engagement, teaching, and learning. Beginning from the margins, our research is focused on five intersecting research clusters, each cluster exploring complex themes and the ways they influence work, family and well-being in all their diverse forms. 

When we look at the research within and across each cluster and beyond, we explore the effects on diverse families and individual well-being, changes in work and livelihoods, factors that shape work and family relationships, needed policy changes, and community actions.

Research Cluster graphic, showing the Centre's five research clustersThe Dragonfly

The dragonfly is a symbol of the Centre's work. To some, the dragonfly is representative of change, transformation and swiftness. Its ability to move in all six directions radiates a sense of strength and poise - something that often comes with age and experience. 

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