(Event Postponed) Self-Care Practices among Students: Roadblocks and Possibilities of Self-Care

Photo of Loa Gordon. A young woman with long, brown hair, with a black shirt, wearing a necklace and smiling at the camera.

Date and Time


University Centre: Peter Clark Hall, North Wing

Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/bE7S3rFucZZa1EwK9


Given the difficulty post-secondary students face accessing timely, affordable, and stigma-free professional care, how are university students with mental health experiences managing their health and wellbeing? Loa Gordon will share her graduate research on how students are increasingly seeking self-care as a form of wellness, as well as the implications behind that. 

Bio: Loa Gordon is a Ph.D. candidate in Medical Anthropology at McMaster University, and a former UofG student. She is committed to investigating mental health inequalities among student populations in institutions of higher education. Her research prioritizes the narratives of students with lived mental health experiences and highlights the expertise of students as co-creators of knowledge.

** This event has been postponed **