Interactive Workshop: Women and Leadership

Date and Time


This is a community event that will be held at:

10C Shared Space

42 Carden St, Guelph, ON N1H 3A2 (Google map:

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This 90-minute interactive session is designed to explore women’s experiences managing social relationships in the workplace as embedded in their work roles, and the implications of these relational practices for health and well-being.

In the first part of the session, and using research and theory from the occupational health and well-being literature, we will explore the links between gender, emotional labour, imposter syndrome, stress, and burnout.  

In the second part, together, attendees will explore the underlying power of relational practices and develop strategies to identify, embrace and enhance these skills. By doing so, the goal of the workshop is to effectively translate ‘women’s emotional labour’ into ‘executive leadership practice’.


Dr. M. Gloria González-Morales is an associate professor of Psychology at University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada) and the Director of Organization & Management Solutions, the consulting group of the I-O Psychology program at University of Guelph. 

Her research, at the Center for Workers Health and Wellbeing, that she co-directs, involves the disciplines of occupational health psychology and positive organizational psychology and focuses on stress, emotion regulation, work-life issues, gender, workplace diversity, victimization, incivility and civility, and positive organizational interventions to enhance well-being and performance. Her research has been published in outlets such as Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Work & Stress and Journal of Organizational Behavior. She is associate editor of Work & Stress. An International Journal of Work, Health & Organisations and serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Stress & Health, Anxiety, Stress & Coping, and Occupational Health Science. 

Dr. González-Morales has more than 10 years of experience consulting for organizations from different sectors (i.e., government, healthcare, hospitality, non-for profit, energy, manufacturing). She has led more than 20 consulting projects in diverse areas of practice: competency modeling and recruitment & selection systems, organizational development & change, needs analysis, performance management systems, engagement surveys, leadership & team development and training.

Dr. Grace Ewles recently completed her PhD in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology program at the University of Guelph under the supervision of Dr. Peter Hausdorf. Dr. Ewles is passionate about conducting practical research, with an emphasis on occupational health and well-being.

Her research interests include stress, social support, coping, well-being, relationships, gender, and the work-life interface. Her dissertation focused on the experience of traumatic stress for emergency first responders, and the role of personal support networks in individual adjustment to work-related trauma. In addition to her dissertation, Dr. Ewles explored the role of personal resource investment, resource mobilization, and resource gain in partnership with Dr. M. Gloria González-Morales, and is also currently exploring how professional women navigate their romantic relationships to support their career goals in partnership with PhD Candidate Rebecca Lee. For her master’s thesis, she examined the role of received social support in the experience of work-family guilt under the supervision of Dr. Karen Korabik and Dr. Peter Hausdorf.

In addition to her research, Dr. Ewles is an experienced organizational consultant, specializing in leadership development, training design and evaluation, and performance assessments. Her approach to consulting is founded in the implementation of practical research to support positive change for individuals and organizations.