Towards a Framework for Building Community-University Resilience Research Agendas

How can we scope multi-year community-university collaborations that draw on the university’s diverse resources and contribute to community resilience?

Using this paper, explore how a community-engaged scholarship (CES) framework can help us better understand and learn from community resilience. CES can enhance community members well-being while informing local policy conversations. Using the ACTS framework (Advancing Collaborative Transdisciplinary Scholarship Framework), community-engaged research practices and goals are successful, interconnected, ethical, and sustainable.

The collective capacity to respond to complex and dynamic challenges prevent us from learning from one and other in reciprocal ways. This paper offers a way forward in working together on complex socioeconomic, ecological, and political challenges, bringing forward the practices of centering research around community concerns and facilitating cross-collaboration.

To discover how CES is supported in the local communities of Guelph and Wellington, and how the ACTS framework has helped us better understand, foster and work towards community resilience, read “Towards a Framework for Building Community-University Resilience Research Agendas”.