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"All My Relations” Indigenous ways of knowing Reading, Watching, Listening List

Indigenous tradition and culture have been passed down for generations through storytelling and artwork. With this reading, watching, listening list, we seek to bring attention to the unique experiences of Indigenous people that are often overlooked and undervalued. These authors and artists imaginatively engage their readers and viewers with the ways in which colonization, residential schools, and settler policies/practices have influenced their lives, culture, traditions and future. We hope you find something on this list that will inspire and challenge you. Enjoy!

Integrating Care and Livelihoods Reading, Watching, Listening List

Integrating care in our lives requires us to consider our families, friends, livelihoods and living environments. With this list, we explore the ways in which care can bind individuals and communities together, especially when facing the unknown during times such as these. By telling their experiences, these authors, artists and activists describe what it means to give and receive care, through exploring complex social relationships.

Displacement, Emergence and Change Reading List

Everyone deserves to live a life free from poverty and a chance to thrive. Billions of people around the world don’t have enough money to pay for food, housing, clean water, access to health care or education. In this reading, watching, and listening list, the authors and creators illustrate the many challenges people face as a result of capitalism, colonialism, inequality and poverty. This list provides many great resources on social movements, recognizing and resisting settler colonialism, homelessness and housing precarities.

Disabilities, Access and Inclusion Reading, Watching, Engagement List

A disability lens explores the relationship between bodies and the social environment. With this list, we dive deep into disability culture, exploring the assumptions and exclusions of what how we think about being normal, independent, and healthy. These authors, artists, and activists rethink access and justice by imagining a world that values all bodies. By telling their stories of discrimination and resistance, they explore how their disability experiences are shaped by gender, race, sexuality, and geography. Enjoy!

LGBTQ2S+ Life, Culture and History

This summer update your reading, watching, listening lists to include stories of people from the LGBTQ2S+ community. For many LGBTQ2S+ folks, books, movies, tv shows and podcasts may be a resource they turn to for connection, understanding, and entertainment. These resources about the LGBTQ2S+ experience have the power to educateand empower their audiences, making us question what we take for granted in our relationships and social world.

Books for Thought 

Summer is here. Don’t you love all the green all around us? When was the last time you read a good book? As the COVID-19 outbreak continues and we are not able to travel, we can delve into books to be transported in another time and space. A good book can provide insight, comfort, or an escape from daily challenges. While many of us are also staying home more, reading can offer great entertainment as well.

Black Lives Matter: A Reading, Watching, Listening List Part 2

We have a responsibility to educate ourselves to the realities, obstacles and resistance of Black communities and other marginalized communities.  To help create a new “normal” in which we no longer participate in, and benefit from, the oppression of Black people, it requires us to engage in a process of self-examination, education, and unlearning. This reading, watching and listening list provides many resources to help educate people about the history of racism, how it still persists today, and gives insights to the experiences of many people who experience racism and discrimination.

Engaging with the Black Lives Matter Movement

Minority groups, such as African Americans, Latin Americans, and Indigenous people, have experienced disproportionate rates of incarceration, police brutality, discrimination and more. The Black Lives Matter movement speaks out against the police brutality and systemic racism that leads to the victimization, harm, and often death against Black people all over the world, as seen with George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor currently.

Mother and toddler

Not all Parents Benefit from Canada's Parental Leave Program

TVO's current affairs blog recently addressed the disparities in income support for new parents in Canada. As the blog notes, historically Canada has compared favourably to "its OECD peers when it comes to parental leave," and in December 2017, the Canadian government further expanded its parental leave program. 

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