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(Cancelled due to Covid-19) Accessibility Conference: Policy, Technology and Awareness

Most accessibility barriers in organizations arise from issues related to policy, technology and awareness. How can organizations encourage their staff to address these dimensions of accessibility in an integrated, holistic way?  The conference organizing committee invites you to share your thoughts on these or other social, economic or political drivers that are key to transforming the accessible landscape of Ontario by 2025.     Submission deadline: January 26, 2020

2SLGBTQ+ Allyship Workshop

Workshop presented by Thomas Sasso, PhD ABD, Co-founder, Sexual and Gender Diversity Research Lab

Interactive Workshop: Women and Leadership

Description: This 90-minute interactive session is designed to explore women’s experiences managing social relationships in the workplace as embedded in their work roles, and the implications of these relational practices for health and well-being. In the first part of the session, and using research and theory from the occupational health and well-being literature, we will explore the links between gender, emotional labour, imposter syndrome, stress, and burnout.  

Transforming Knowledge, Research and Activism Film Screening: Knowledge Mobilization Women and Girls with Disabilities

The Transforming Knowledge, Research and Activism (TDKRA) invites you to join us for our Film Screening event, entitled “Our Journey: An Interdisciplinary Conversation with Women and Girls with Disabilities across Borders”. Our Journey is a documentary film figuring the collective voice of girls and women with disabilities in Vietnam, who have engaged in the TDKRA project from 2017-2019.
Photo of Loa Gordon. A young woman with long, brown hair, with a black shirt, wearing a necklace and smiling at the camera.

(Event Postponed) Self-Care Practices among Students: Roadblocks and Possibilities of Self-Care

Given the difficulty post-secondary students face accessing timely, affordable, and stigma-free professional care, how are university students with mental health experiences managing their health and wellbeing? Loa Gordon will share her graduate research on how students are increasingly seeking self-care as a form of wellness, as well as the implications behind that. 

Guelph Sexuality Conference

The Guelph Sexuality Conference is recognized as Canada's leading, annual training and education forum for sexual health professionals. It provides opportunities to share information, research, skills, experiences, programming, and strategies that include an anti-oppression framework to fosters health and wellness, and resists shame. For more information view the Sexuality Conference's website. Stay tuned for more information!
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2019 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences

About this year's Congress: With the theme “Circles of Conversation,” Congress 2019 in Vancouver will emphasize the deep, two-way relationships between the university and the communities it serves: local, provincial, national and global. Particular attention will be focused on productive scholarly relations with Indigenous communities.

Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) Annual Conference

The CPA’s Annual National Convention offers access to in-person presentations covering a tremendous breadth of psychological information. CPA Convention Delegates have the opportunity to learn about advances and developments in a broad array of areas such as clinical psychology, cognitive science, social psychology, clinical neuropsychology, psychologists in education, industrial/organizational psychology, developmental psychology, counseling psychology, and criminal justice psychology…and more.

Accessibility Conference

The Accessibility Conference is a yearly event hosted at the University of Guelph to bring together experts to share best practices, knowledge, and research. The conference brings together traditional and non-traditional ways of teaching and learning to talk about the AODA, legislation, and other issues surrounding diversity and inclusion.

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