Co-Worker Support and Resentment


  • Karen Korabik (University of Guelph); M. Warner (University of Guelph); R. Slan-Jerusalim


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Warner, M., Slan-Jerusalim, R., & Korabik, K. (2009). Co-worker backlash and support: Responses to work-family policies and practices.  In Sweet, S & Casey, J. (Eds). The work-family encyclopedia.  

Korabik, K. & Warner, M. (2012). The impact of coworkers on work-to-family enrichment and organizational outcomes (pgs 254-276). In Poelmans, S., Greenhaus, J. & las Heras, M. (Eds.). Expanding the boundaries of work-family research: A vision for the future.  London: Palgrave.