Disabilities and Livelihoods

Welcome to the Disability and Livelihoods Partnership

The Disability and Livelihoods Partnership develops new ways of thinking about how people with disabilities in Canada sustain themselves. In our research we ask, “What kind of livelihoods do people with disabilities draw on to survive and thrive?”

What Are Livelihoods?

Livelihoods are the means to secure the necessities in life. They shape how we live as individuals, families, and communities, and they shape our sense of wellbeing. Check out the Livelihoods Infographic series to learn more

Projects and Overarching Circles

The partnership encompasses three pilot projects and two project circles:

Knowledge Sharing


Exploring barriers to artistry: Pilot 2 partners Drs. Carla Rice, Chelsea Jones, and graduate student Kim Collins shared some of their findings at the Sixteenth International Conference on the Arts in Society in June 2021. The presentation was part of an interdisciplinary panel titled “Arts, TechnoAccess, and Disability Livelihoods in Canada.” The panel explored barriers to the arts and artistry that exist both on the ground and online in Canada. As part of this work, a conference-presentation-style podcast was developed in collaboration with the research project, Bodies in Translation: Activist Art, Technology and Access to Life, Listen to the podcast: Disability Saves the World with Fady Shanouda

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About the Project

This project is funded by a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant (2019-23). For more information about the project, please contact Live Work Well or the Project Director, Deborah Stienstra